Marriage Management Workshop

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Saturday September 7, 2019 from 8:30am to 3:30pm 17 Miles Away
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About this Class

The Marriage Management Workshop is a simple but practical concept that

helps couples see their marriage on paper. The Marriage Budget (which has

nothing to do with money) will help couples:

 put their marriage in perspective

 develop practical ways of understanding and applying

Biblical principles to their relationship.

 identify and increase Income Sources (things that add to

your marriage and increase connection)

 assess and manage Necessary Expenses (things that

require resources, but are necessary)

 discover and remove Unnecessary Expenses (things that

use up resources but can be removed)

 identify and address Marital Debt (unresolved issues that

requires current resources)

 discover ways of making Investments into other couples,

which turn into Income

 learn to use the Marriage Budget Worksheet to experience

optimal fulfillment in your marriage