The Clearing Marriage Intensive

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Sunday August 18 thru Thursday August 22 17 Miles Away
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About this Class

The Clearing was founded out of tremendous gratitude, humility and a sense of calling to make these “miracles of transformation” available to as many other hurting couples as possible.

I believe my husband would be pleased with the legacy he left and the fruit that the Holy Spirit has produced through it so far. But so much more can and needs to be done. We see and feel the Holy Spirit’s presence in every intensive and sense His prompting to blossom and grow so He can accomplish more.

We strongly believe that philanthropic dollars should be spent to address the root cause of our societal ills. Certainly, disintegrating families are upstream of the vast majority of them, giving credence to the statement,” As marriage goes, so goes the nation”.

We hope you agree and will join us in supporting The Clearing and its vital mission.