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Friday 7pm-9:35pm <> Saturday 8am-4:40pm <> Sunday 9am-12:15pm 17 Miles Away
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About this Class

Each getaway begins Friday evening and continues through noon on Sunday. It’s filled with informative group sessions and alone time with your spouse.

You will never be asked to share intimate details of your relationship with anyone.

Individually, couples complete special projects designed to reignite the spark and keep the flame burning!

Everyone is Welcome

Timeless biblical principles provide the tools to help all relationships.

For more than 40 years we have witnessed healing, restoration, and reconciliation. Everyone is welcome: the divorced, the on-the-verge of divorce, the deliriously-in-love, the betrothed, the newlyweds, the wise, and the seasoned.

Our Speakers

You will hear from expert couples that practice what they preach. They are dynamic, fun presenters who teach biblically-centered and professional-sound concepts.

Topics Include: