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8:30 AM Saturday, ends by 3:30PM Sunday 17 Miles Away
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About this Class

Living in Love is an exciting day and a half parish based retreat workshop designed to energize the romance and renew the joy of being in love through a practical application of John Paul II’s Theology of the Body.

Living in Love offers liberating insight into how differently men and women prefer to achieve intimacy and helps couples get in touch with the resources that draw them to each other and fuel their romance. The retreat is a series of lively presentations given by parish couples trained by the PMRC who share personally from their own lives in order to illustrate the content of each exercise with practical, relevant, and inspirational real life examples that set the level of openness for the participants. The presentations are followed by private couple time and each exercise ends with a very brief communal prayer for the practical grace needed to be a better husband or wife. There is no large group discussion or open sharing. Although the atmosphere is full of fun and laughter, the content is engaging and insightful, and the experience is uniquely positive and life changing. Living in Love provides an extraordinary opportunity for married couples to reconnect with their own love history while gaining a joyful sense of hope, purpose and direction for the future.

The weekend is powerfully effective for couples of all ages but has special appeal and popularity among young and even newlywed couples. The action oriented, common sense, thinking adult approach is refreshingly “male” friendly.


Dreams and Memories

The gift of masculinity and femininity in relationship. The benefits of an atmosphere of delight. Romantic memories of our attractiveness to each other, and an opportunity to dream. Prayer for ambition.

Formation in the Family

An illuminating look at why we behave the way we do, and where some of our attitudes and patterns of relating come from.

Cultural Barriers

Attitudes we breathe in from the culture that cause us to lower the priority of our marriage. Sex as communication vs. activity


Control and irresponsibility in marriage and family.


An opportunity to ask and grant forgiveness between husband and wife.


A pro-active prayer process to forgive and let go of old injuries primarily from outside the marriage that limit our ability to be generous to our spouse.



A special and unique opportunity to tell your spouse absolutely everything that you find attractive about him or here.

Signs and Wonders:

The call of the church to love each other as Christ loves the church. A revelation of the real presence made manifest in married love for the benefit of others.

Living in Love:

Motivation, encouragement and suggestions for prioritizing marriage and living in love on a daily basis.


The importance of our light in the darkness and an opportunity to make a difference in the marriages around us.


The retreat is normally held in parish facilities; so that, couples sleep at home. It begins at 8:30 AM Saturday, ends by 3:30PM Sunday, and includes a lovely romantic dinner on Saturday night.


The cost varies by parish but is nominally $100 per couple. Full payment (check or cash) is required to secure your reservation. Online registration is also available with payment via Paypal.


Couples normally arrange their own childcare with family or friends. Breast fed babies are welcome on the retreat. In some cases, babysitting may be available or arranged. Please, let us know if you are having difficulty making your own arrangements and we will try to help.For more information or to register visit or call parishioners Ron and Kathy Feher, 610-506-7958 (Kathy) or 484-366-6102 (Ron)

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