A New Beginning

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Friday 8am to 6pm, Saturday 8am to 6pm, Sunday 12pm to 6pm Central Time 17 Miles Away
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About this Class

A New Beginning is a three-day weekend workshop led by a professional marriage counselor and their spouse. This interactive workshop provides hurting couples the tools they need to turn their marriage around. This transformational workshop is for married couples who:

>Have fallen out of love.

>Cannot stop fighting.

>Don’t talk anymore.

>Feel like roommates.

>Relationships with broken trust.

>Are separated or considering a marriage separation.

>Newly married couples with relationships already in trouble.

>Empty nest couples who no longer know their spouse.

>Married couples with blended families.

>Are committed to their marriage but are deeply unhappy with important aspects of the relationship.

Our courses and workshops provide lasting solutions to real marital problems.

Our experience with over 86,000 couples prove that any marriage can be saved. Couples have found it IS possible to build a mutually satisfying and lasting relationship where husbands and wives can fall deeply in love with each other again.