Family Life Weekend to Remember

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5pm Friday through 12 noon Sunday 17 Miles Away
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About this Class

FamilyLife’s Weekend to Remember® Marriage Getaway

For over forty years, FamilyLife has been hosting marriage encounter weekends designed to help couples:

  • experience renewed passion
  • improve communication skills
  • recommit to their relationship
Over 1.5 million couples have participated in these biblically-based weekends in cities across the country, boasting a satisfaction rate of ninety-seven percent.

FamilyLife's Weekend to Remember puts the focus back on you—there are no group sessions or sharing of experiences. Rather, you and your spouse will listen to fun talks by marriage experts and spend time together, alone, working on your relationship. (A full itinerary can be found here.)

Whether your marriage is in the new love stage or the long love stage, the FamilyLife's Weekend to Remember will help you get to the best stage—the revived love stage. Spend a weekend working on your relationship and reap the benefits for a lifetime to come.