Preparing for Forever

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Saturday from 10:00am to 2:30pm 8531 Main Street North
Jacksonville Florida 32218
17 Miles Away
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About this Class

Navigating the dating scene can be tough. Most people want to find that perfect someone with whom they want to spend the rest of their life, but how do you know what to look for, how do you find them and what do you do with yourself while you wait? Preparing for Forever answers those questions and more in a fun interactive workshop designed to get singles, dating or not, to a place where they are equipped to find and maintain the marriage of their dreams. So if you are between the ages of 18 to 30, grab a date or grab a friend and join North Jacksonville Baptist Church and Live the Life for this life-changing event.

The workshop will take place from 10:00am-2:30pm, Saturday, January 27th at North Jacksonville Baptist Church. Lunch will be included.

Childcare will not be provided

Contact Scott at: for details.

Topics Include: